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Spec Scripts

Original Series Pilot  - Horror/Comedy
(Young Adult /Co-Viewing) 


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Desperate to rid herself of a spirit attachment, a jaded barista turns to an old friend whose make-shift exorcism gets them washed ashore an island of the undead with more ghosts than they started with.

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Original Series Pilot - Mystery/Comedy

A serial troublemaker and their new bunkmate begin to piece together that the remote summer camp they were sent to may have extraterrestrial origins.


The Owl House - Writing Test


Amphibia - Spec Script

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Lío (they/she) is a first generation Cuban-American animation writer who's personal work combines Latinx and LGBTQ+ influences to tell authentically spooky stories from a new perspective. They were born and raised in Miami, Florida where they spent way too much time watching ghost hunting TV shows and trying to capture evidence of the paranormal themself. When paired with their naturally spooky cultural background, their interest in the occult inspires many of the thematic elements within their work today!


Lío graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2021 and have since interned at Disney Television Animation, participated in the Netflix Career Foundations Program for writing, contributed additional character design work on Disney's 'The Owl House', and moved to Los Angeles to continue developing their voice as a writer. In their free time, Lio enjoys hiking, drinking coffee, and making overly-specific playlists. 

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